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i   d o !

-even tho misfortune is 8, STILL SHIP!!-

soon the demo is on android

is this coming out on game consoles?

I love the art style!

Grandir, c'est mourir un peu.

Non contents de tuer les lundis, les suédois de Killmonday ont décidé de tuer l’été avant sa fin officielle. Dans Little Misfortune, les feuilles tombent déjà, et dès 17h les rayons du soleil orange dardent leurs rayons à travers les bosquets pour nous niquer les yeux. Un matin, la petite Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, 9 ans, entend une voix off qui lui promet le “bonheur éternel”. La gamine - dont le taux d’espièglerie égale la mignonnitude -  entend bien gagner ce lot et l’offrir à sa maman. Maman qui picole dans la cuisine, en attendant que papa-violent rentre décuver. Ce mélange de mignon-glauque est saupoudré de milliers de paillettes d’humour. 

Un humour drôle, en plus. Il fallait bien ça pour éviter une vague de dépressions massives chez les joueurs les plus fragiles. Ce détachement face aux drames évoqués, on le doit souvent à l’âge de notre héroïne, qui la protège encore - pour peu de temps - de la violence crue de la vie d’adulte. Entre mille et autres thèmes abordés, on peut choisir de voir dans Little Misfortune une œuvre sur l’enfance qui meurt. Sur le vernis de l’imaginaire qui craquèle plus ou moins vite selon les parcours. Dans les instants fugaces de légèreté et de rire salvateurs, c’est comme si le jeu nous tapait sur l’épaule d’une main empathique pour nous dire : “Te bile pas va, ça fait partie du lot quand on est vivant ! “. Je pleurs pas, c'est le soleil.

Part two of the full play-through, loving it so far, very weird and I dig it :D

saw GTlive play this whole game and its the type of weird game experience i crave \(^w^)/

Do you want a little sparkle? Killmonday games is amazing and Little Misfortune is FULLY out! So what are you doing here? Go and experience the full madness and adorableness of this game!

look like good game boi


I very much enjoyed the experience

Little Misfortune is cheerful, it's dark, it's adorable, and it's twisted. Just how I like my games about kids. The art style is great, the voice acting and character interactions keep me wanting more, and all the sudden turns the game takes make for some great comedy. Overall, this is a great time and I'm eager to keep playing now that it's fully released.

Great job, devs. I hope my videos do it justice.

Part 2!

I like the little cutscenes. Such amusing animation.

Started a full playthrough of this game! Loved the demo and I'm loving this game in full so much more!

Ahhh i was searching  this game and know i found it here :'D and i was so happy,its so easy to install ´w´

Started a play-through of the full game, love it so far!!

ohhhhhhhhh nice game bro 

i cant wait for this game to come out! But once this game comes out are you able to make fran bow for free?


I really want to play the rest of this game! I loved Mistfortune, she was so cute, especially her little voice! I really sympathized with her situation, I even cried a little. I like the style and the sense of humor especially, and I'm really curious to know where the story will go. I can't wait for the full game to come out!

Oh man, am I ever late to the party.

I have not actually played your previous game Fran Bow, and thus has absolutely zero idea what to expect when putting this one on. But I have to say, it is IMMEDIATELY interesting and very charming, in no small part due to the absolutely gorgeous artwork. 

I will definitely keep an eye on this one for a full playthrough. What an intriguing game! Fantastic work.



Thank you Raap!!! <3 

No, Thank You!!  You're the BEST!!!


has there been any progress lately

Hi Sandpixie! We soon are revealing the date. The release is before October ends. But we are positive it can be even earlier! Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube if you like! :D

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this game is  amazing-weird-cool. i liked everything from the art style to dialogue. (Spanish Play-Through)

Thank you so much Paco!!!


I'm waiting for the full version :D

Awesome! Thank you BBook!^^


Really enjoyed the demo! Excited for the full game :)

That's great news! <3 thank you so much Eclectic ;)


this game is awesome



wooohooooo!!! me likey what you say ;) thank you :D


have there been any updates


This is a beautiful game. Loved every moment of it. A great demo, can't  wait for the full game.

So kind Vampirschi <3 thank you!!! 


im so excited for the full version to be released! gives me fran bow vibes :3


wow give me more plz and my name is doi and i'm male


It's just one of those games that you know is gonna drag you in and be wonderful before you even play it. And I was right! Great work :D


This game is so charming! I can't wait for all of the mischief (haha!) im going to get up to when it's released! :D


What a cute dark little game! Cannot wait for the full release to see where Little Misfortune takes us!



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