Killing Bugs Patch v.1.1; Haunted Edition

Thanks for everyone giving us feedback on the demo and reporting in bugs! Super appreciated!

We have been working the entire week after launch with fixing as much as we can and making sure it's stable.

This enabled us also to finally release the macOs and Linux version of the game here.

You can read below what we have changed, and if there is still spooky bugs occuring, don't hesitate telling us!

Hope you had a great time with Misfortune! Now we're going back to getting the full game done :) 



• Deutsch misspelled as Deutch in Options/Language
• Subtitles are sometimes hard to read. Added a little bit more shadow to subtitles (Will probably go through some more iterations for the full game)
• Game is fully supported by Windows 7
• Problems with drop in framerate in “secret hiding spot”
• Activation of “pick up the coloring book question” when using the [right arrow] key to advance thru Misfortune’s diary in the “secret hiding spot”.
• PostFx checkbox doesn’t always keep setting when scenes change. 
• Made subtitles centered for easier reading
• Vase puzzle has a larger area to grab and snap, and with more visual cues to when you can pick a piece up.
• Fixed overlapping menu text elements in all languages.
• V-sync and PostFX are ON by default.
• Close button “Close [X]” shows correct translation now. 
• V-sync remembers if it was on/off when closing the game
• Made the Choice text less Bold.
• Art improvements for the vase puzzle when completed.
• Intro video changed to WebM format for better performance.
• Rare occasions made the game not return to normal speed after making a choice.
• UI art improvements.
• Performance fixes for the backyard.


Little Misfortune Demo Windows 717 MB
Apr 29, 2019
Little Misfortune Demo MacOs 757 MB
Apr 29, 2019
Little Misfortune Demo Linux 368 MB
Apr 29, 2019

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