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I first saw the announcement on my Twitter Feed and immediately I knew I had to play it.  As I was a big fan of the Fran Bow series this game did not disappoint what-so-ever. I would have liked the Demo to be a little longer, but it really has me wanting to play the game even more now.

I included the game in my Indie Game Showcase and am including a Video Gameplay highlight of the game here for you to view.

Really great game!

This demo is amazing! I really enjoyed it a lot.

FRAN BOW 2, A CUTE SEQUEL! | Little Misfortune Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Made a video


Really enjoyed the demo. It was quite short, but definitely does have us interested in playing the full game

So glad this is coming out! Thank you so much for sharing your art!

This was really interesting! I was always a huge fan of Fran Bow and I can definitely see the resemblance. I'm excited for the full release! Great job!

this demo is really great :D i love it and am looking forward to the full version ^^ i am a huge fan of fran bow <3  Greetings from Germany!

Hi. Does this demo(& full-game in the future) not support 32bit OS?
Seems like I can't run it on my old PC. :(
Anyway, I'm so expecting for the full-game of Little Misfortune!
Best wishes to you all!

Brilliant little demo, not very often I get hyped for games but this is 100% on my watch list!

Blown away. I cannot wait until this releases. Love the sens of humour, love the art. Misfortune almost instantly becomes a lovable character. You went from not even on my radar to my most anticipated game in the future. So rad. <3

Do you get a higher percentage of the sale value if I purchase here over Steam when the game releases? No idea what Itch's cut is. Is there an approved method for bug reporting/feedback?

(PS: I'm buying; it looks excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed what I have played. I've been eagerly awaiting since RPS first covered it.)

You guys have no idea how excited i was when you announced the Demo, since i was following the game progress ever since i've seen your announcement for it.

It was a really fun experience and disturbing at some parts.

Great job to the entire team at Killmonday studio and can't wait for the full release! 

Damn, that Ramirez Hernandez is so cute and endearing, I feel for her and the life she's been living into. Then comes Mr. Voice with his deep voice and his "choices leading to consequences". Guys, great story, with great characters, can't wait to play the full game! 

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Any reason the Mac and Linux demos aren't also here on Itch? I know you can get it through Steam, but it would be kinda nice to not have to do that. But anyways, this is shaping up to be a really good game. Will probably buy it once it's available.

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Hi Ryshglene! We are a small team and to have several builds of same demo DRM free and with DRM... it makes it really difficult for us to keep everything updated. Our idea is to fix all bugs we can gather this week and fix the main build and after that we might be uploading Mac and Linux versions as well if it works. 

Thanks for the reply! That's good to know. I hope you guys could get it sorted out soon enough.

Mr. Red will slap you with his fluffy arms if you don't check it out!

aWhy does this look so famialir to me.. that art style. specfically the lil girl looks like something Ive seen efore. who knows, maybe it was an early version of this game x3

They are the creators of Fran Bow by the way.

It  might've been Fran Bow- this is by the same people.

Mr. Voice, he's suspicious... nobody dislikes foxes just like that. Can't wait for the full release. :)

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