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I played this off steam however it wouldn't et me review it so. all I can say is I cannot wait for the full game, I am in love with it already and want to play more. good job. 

Absolutely loved every moment of it as did my audiance! Can't wait to see whats in store for this game! 

This demo maybe short but it's really amazing! It has nice art concept and gameplay. Plus, it's really bring back my memories when I played Fran Bow. :)

An AMAZING little demo and concept, voice over/acting was really well done and I can't wait to play the full game when it's done!

absolutely loved this game...wish i could buy it. its beautifully written and very depressing.


I enjoyed this game. I wishlisted this game, even though I still haven't even played Fran Bow yet.

aa!! love it


Great Demo!! Can't wait for the full release!! 

Thank you for the game! I can't wait for the release :) lots of smiles and laughter.


I personally am a huge fan of fran bow and im really excited for this game!


I'm a little confused why everyone is so excited. There's literally nothing in this demo. There's almost no gameplay showcased at all. That's not to say the tiny bit I played wasn't fine, it was, but it's certainly nothing to get excited about. 


I'd heard of Fran Bow, but I've never played it because the description seemed so bleak. I have to go back and play it now, because this is black humor done so right.

I wish the demo was longer! Also, it's pretty cool that my last name is Ramirez. Anyway, I can't wait for the full game.

I just played the demo and I love it. I think the dark elements are displayed perfectly as we play through the eyes of this optimistic 8-year-old. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I really enjoy and like the game. I like the art style and voice acting is great, and i like it because it sharing the same universe with fran bow. I'm looking forward for the full game to come out, keep up the good work!

Hi! Can you try my games too its free!

This is very attractive and interesting game.. I can't wait to play the full version...!

really loved the game! wondering what are the dates for full release and does the fox has a huge role i feel like!

I had a really good time playing this demo and I’m so looking forward to the full game.

Very well done! 

This was such a great game! enjoyed every minute of it, all those moments which had me going wtf :D Cant wait for the full release!!

I was so existed for this game to come out I made some fan art for it too I posted it on my Instagram and you commented too ahhh I'm fangirling over this Franbow was a amazing game I'm hoping this is great as Franbow was I watched the trailer a ,million times ahhhh

Игра супер, жду релиза. :)

This was amazing, I mean really really amazing, looking forward to the full game 

Oh gosh, you got something there. I should go and finish Fran Bow before you finish this one. ;)

Even with a demo able to be cleared in a few short minutes, Little Misfortune's cheerfully demented style has won me over. I can definitely see the influence from Fran Bow lingering about, and feel like this game is going to visit some fun places. The art has a sort child's drawing perspective, which feels very fitting, and the voice acting and character interactions are also pretty great.

Good job, devs! I'm eager to see the full release.

This is so cute! Misfortune sounded exactly what I thought she would and the voice acting and backgrounds are great! I would love to play once it’s fully done! 

I'm so. excited.

I played Fran Bow multiple times, and as soon as the trailer for Little Misfortune released I was on board!<3

Two questions:

1. Are there any plans to bring the Linux version fo the demo to ?

2. Are there any plans to bring the full version to when released ?


1. Yes! Available now!

2. There are plans, yes! But can't confirm for sure yet.

I first saw the announcement on my Twitter Feed and immediately I knew I had to play it.  As I was a big fan of the Fran Bow series this game did not disappoint what-so-ever. I would have liked the Demo to be a little longer, but it really has me wanting to play the game even more now.

I included the game in my Indie Game Showcase and am including a Video Gameplay highlight of the game here for you to view.

Really great game!

This demo is amazing! I really enjoyed it a lot.

FRAN BOW 2, A CUTE SEQUEL! | Little Misfortune Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Made a video


Really enjoyed the demo. It was quite short, but definitely does have us interested in playing the full game

So glad this is coming out! Thank you so much for sharing your art!

This was really interesting! I was always a huge fan of Fran Bow and I can definitely see the resemblance. I'm excited for the full release! Great job!

this demo is really great :D i love it and am looking forward to the full version ^^ i am a huge fan of fran bow <3  Greetings from Germany!

Hi. Does this demo(& full-game in the future) not support 32bit OS?
Seems like I can't run it on my old PC. :(
Anyway, I'm so expecting for the full-game of Little Misfortune!
Best wishes to you all!

Brilliant little demo, not very often I get hyped for games but this is 100% on my watch list!

Blown away. I cannot wait until this releases. Love the sens of humour, love the art. Misfortune almost instantly becomes a lovable character. You went from not even on my radar to my most anticipated game in the future. So rad. <3

Do you get a higher percentage of the sale value if I purchase here over Steam when the game releases? No idea what Itch's cut is. Is there an approved method for bug reporting/feedback?

(PS: I'm buying; it looks excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed what I have played. I've been eagerly awaiting since RPS first covered it.)

You guys have no idea how excited i was when you announced the Demo, since i was following the game progress ever since i've seen your announcement for it.

It was a really fun experience and disturbing at some parts.

Great job to the entire team at Killmonday studio and can't wait for the full release! 

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